Alasdair Fraser & Bruce Molsky IN CONCERT

Alasdair Fraser & Bruce Molsky, Tues 8/13 $15  Click ENTER to buy ticket. See you there!

Legendary Scottish fiddler Alasdair Fraser and revered Appalachian old-time fiddler Bruce Molsky will trade some well-loved tunes found in both their cultures and swap stories from a musical partnership that extends over more than 25 years.  Appalachian and Scottish music share centuries of melodies and songs, and it was Alasdair’s and Bruce’s curiosity and wide open ears (and also some good luck) that brought them together. Each has dug deep into the musical traditions of other countries and integrated what moved them into their own voices. Alasdair and Bruce believe that music exists to bring people together, and their vast works are joyful living proof. is a new online streaming service that promotes the creation and widespread distribution of high quality, live music by uniting artists, presenters, and audiences.